My Badass CEO Daddy
Romance / CEO

My Badass CEO Daddy

My Badass CEO Daddy
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My Badass CEO Daddy Comics Online. Four years ago, she left in despair, heart-broken. Four years later, she came back, with a kid by her side.
Before she could settle down, the first thing (or man) she has to deal with is this unreasonable CEO, who cannot be greener when it comes to hitting on a girl...
The moment he sees her, his whole linguistic system is reduced to four words—"I. WANT. YOUR. SON!"
Who the heck will use this type of pickup line?!!!

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Hottest Comments
Elsa Frost
hey guys
can you guys help me
actually I have an aunt who wants me be her daughter in law but the thing is my aunt once hurt my mom and my mom used to cry a lot at that time but now they are together again and my cousin who my aunt wants me to marry is super duper boring person and he has so strange personality like he asks us that why do girls wear make up,why do girls wear heels,why do girls gossip a lot etc.....I mean what is with all these questions he is seriously against us girls.....and his younger brother has already started to call be sis in law
I mean seriously !!!!! how can my aunt decide it on her own?? she hasn't even asked my opinion yet and she asks me weird questions all the time about how would I like my future husband to be ?? I try to stay away from my cousin but my mom says why don't I handshake with him every time we meet like before........urghh...... well the good thing is that my mom said she will not force me into anything and I am happy about it
and do you guys know I am only 14 now and my aunt has already thinking about my marriage
what should I do to make her hate me guys
Vanshika K: calm down girl !! talk with your parents about this and do everything that your aunt hates😉
and when your cousin asks you these kind of questions give him answers from which he starts hating you.. behave like u r a feminist😈
cupcakeunicorn🦄: fighting
total 16 replies
He said "I just don't want you to get hurt again" Now here's my questions "who hurt her the first time?" "YOUR uncle" "Who hurt her the second time?" "YOU" After that she didn't think about her father's death for FOUR years, And what has she been? HAPPY, Not hurt "who brought back up her father's death causing her to cry?" "YOU" "Who told her that Lu Hai was at the banquet and caused her to try and investigate even though that's one of the most dangerous things of all?" "hmm let me think YOU AGAIN" So whox s been hurting her all this time? "YOU!" See now the real question is how should I punish you?
The old fake pregnancy, fake miscarriage, frame your rival ploy, a feature of so many manga that you'd think that surely, SURELY people would have caught on by now. "Hey! Didnt I read about this in 'CEO's Secret Contract Wife'? And in 'Emperor's Time Traveling Reborn Doctor Princess'? And in 'Best Actress Vampire Bride's Revenge'? Surely that loon isn't wasting her money on THAT tired old con..."
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