🖤Magic World Queen🖤
Romance / Fantasy / TimeTravel / Completed

🖤Magic World Queen🖤

🖤Magic World Queen🖤
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🖤Magic World Queen🖤 Novel Online. Avery was a nightmare for terrorist in 21st century- known as dark lord ( leader of a deadliest gang in whole world)
But because of betrayal she died......
What's more she got travelled into a unknown world and found herself into another body....
What will gonna happen more????
Who betrayed her?????
Who's body she has travelled into ????

How will she survive in this unknown world where magic represents a person..........

pictures belong to the owner's and and doesn't belong to me😁😁


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Kageyama Tobio🥛
Lili is right. What would you feel if you were replaced?
Adley chan: i don't really get it... isn't it normal to adopt a child? her family thought she was dead so they adopted a child, they never wanted to replace her. if that was me i wouldn't get so jealous specially the original owner of the body is already dead so its normal to get another child...
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Hi I'm a Duck🦆 Q U A C K 🦆
I don't know why but I hate ml's mother for some reason
Lazy Reader😁🙄: me too
💜thank u💜: “Twenty four hours-Kim taehyung”

Will you believe it, if two strangers fell in love with each other in just Twenty four hours? If it’s possible? How can it happen? What will happen if the two souls collide unexpectedly. And their personality is the complete opposite of each other.

When an arrogant and self-centered kpop idol that only thinks of himself collided with a naive half-american and half-Korean girl carrying a big luggage with her.

It’s on my profile 💜
You can subscribe to my story and read it later. 💜
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KING [Mtnp][Mtnr]
i want lili and vincent couple😍😍😍😍
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