Embrace My Shadow
Romance / CEO

Embrace My Shadow

Kuaikan Comics
Embrace My Shadow
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Embrace My Shadow Comics Online. Just for a contract, she was sold by her ex-boyfriend to the most distinguished and yet most horrible man in Dongling. By day, she was one of all ordinary girls; by night, she couldn't escape his grip. She decided to serve this man well, only for vengeance.

"The whole Dongling is under my rule. Where do you think you are going, woman?"

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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Gosh They’re met real soon!!! What should you do Girl??? Looks like your life is in danger now!!! The Devil is beside you!!! How would you handle this icy Devil??? 😅
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Hi 👋😊
Ameera: hi guys
total 10 replies
°K¡ja° 🇯🇲
Somebody hold my beer while I slap this maid into next year!
Shajee: love this story
Mr. Aei#117: Hi! I am a sad author! My 2021 is not good! Can you please read my novels!
total 27 replies
Who passes out from a slap?
Miwako Senpai: I guess the floor was hard lol
little deer💕: hey if you like chat story than I have started chat story OUR WAY OF DESTINATION have look you'll like it 😊😊😊
total 31 replies
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