Embrace My Shadow
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Embrace My Shadow

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Embrace My Shadow
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Gosh They’re met real soon!!! What should you do Girl??? Looks like your life is in danger now!!! The Devil is beside you!!! How would you handle this icy Devil??? 😅
Anita Ani: il

F7ĆK34!*left mt for sometimes*: Hi guys sorry to disturb but can you all please read my novels?"Loved you once" "Miss CEO will you be mine?" "Vampire Chronicles:We will always be together" only if you guys have time🙏 and also please read my other novels too and give support...and leave comments as well🙏 thank you all very much
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Somebody hold my beer while I slap this maid into next year!
karley grauel: yo I'll hold it
karley grauel: yo I'll hold it
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Who passes out from a slap?
Nini Mchedlishvili: my friend slapped me at school and i woke up at home my mom said i passed away
Lucy Heartfilia: I only passed out from my mom slap 😩😭😭😭
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I thought he would say " ARE YOU LOST BABYGIRL " instead of " SURPRISED TO MEET ME"
Siya: hey if you have time please read my chat story My love 💖💖
💠 Latte 💠: pfft hahaha😂😂
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Kaname Yuki
I’m a Single Potato!!! Who is with me? ✌️😂✌️
jimella: truee
jimella: meeeee
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I hope it won't be locked with coins
SHARA&JEDIDAH: how?? 😭😭😭
Karylle Lucero: were what site
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im just telling the truth
sigh the only good thing bout the female is she pretty and cute nothing more cause she isnt to smart i mean why would she sacrifice herself for such a slutty sister (sorry for the bad language) but seriously i hate it when the fl is so dumb and weak like this one. Sigh but what can i do ?
{Vera._.Vera}: I never said there was anything wrong with her trying to protect her sister I was just saying I personally wouldn't go to those lengths
Princess [Off till April 20]: That's your personal opinion. For the FL, she cares about her sister and went to those lengths to protect her. Is there anything wrong with it?
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
OMG even the mere servant is bullying and insulting her huh!!! What the heck!!! Luckily She is still virgin!
Now destroy this EX and that vicious woman ML!!!
{Vera._.Vera}: is she still a virgin though if you know what I mean🤔
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yup ur right! 😊
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Same old story
{Vera._.Vera}: fr like why can't they do something else like talk about the script,read a book,have a chat about life and all of its difficulty ppl in manga have too much action in their personal lives ✋😭
シュウ: you're right completely right
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"Oh my God! oh my God! he's so handsome I can't breathe"
Me: Where? girl chill it's just the hair lol
{Vera._.Vera}: but who names their child bo yeah sure he is cool and all that but aubrey is where it's at
ANIME_72: Yes aubray is the best^-^
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
- Ex is B...rd! Sell her another one man cuz of his shitty company!!!
- ML is also cocky B...rd! Bought her and took her virginity!!!
- FL is not that strong enough!!!
Starting was just a mess!!! 😅
Tsubaki Tsubaki: lol 😅
Just A Shipper101: 1 slap is all it takes to put her to sleep. Mah dude if someone hates her and slaps her how hilarious would that be ahahhaha
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erza kagura 479
I doubt shit like this happen in real life
{Vera._.Vera}: probably does,sex trafficking and stuff still happen so I wouldn't be surprised if stuff like this does happen it's sad really
erza kagura 479: damn that's rad as shit, slr 😅 Happy New Year as well
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
You See Jerk!!! Cuz of ur sick jokes she is hurting herself!!! Damn don’t u think ur jokes are way too much??? Gosh can’t you be more gentler??? I saw he wants to be with her!!! I saw he likes her!!! But he is acting so damn opposite!!! Just why???? Just be reasonable Maaaan!!!
Kate Denise Abarintos: I want to cry. I can feel pain it hurts
Ashrafun nahar: lol😂😂😂😂
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One slap and she was like, "Ok, night night" Like seriously?
niaa: i did passed out many times ...
slaps r really scary
feeling of getting bullied ..i know!!
Max Pein Beethoven: yeah ur right it's just a slap but i think it's called "hard slappy dappy"
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Moonlight Mist
More like “once one is fed and warmed their stomach shall ache and they will throw up all over Mr. Conceited”....
Joann Kah: I agree
{Vera._.Vera}: I would love to see that
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Now threatening her!!! What a jerk!!! Are you that wants to be her first??? Greedy, cocky, icy perverted and savage ML!!! 😅
PERCYJACKSON: the guy literally is making her do all the work why doesn't he see him off
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Kk Yeah I still reading it 😃
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Killua Gurem
Oh, God... Please give me this kind of man, a man who's willing to change everything for his woman sake.
🤍❄️🖤🦋Alluka🦋🖤❄️🤍: Well that’s almost good but it’s better if that man has a control for himself
idk lol: I wish to have unlimited wishes pls
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Anusha Mim
even her sister don't care for her own reputation .so why she exchange her self for this..(for the sake of story development)
Some of the readers are mad cause ML is pervert, But some you have to admitte that erotics is life 😂 If did get my pointh I LOVE YOU
{Vera._.Vera}: I don't like erotic films well mostly because I'm too young to watch them but I just don't get how actors and actresses can perform those scenes with someone other than their partner like I know they have to do it but if I was an actress and I was married and I had to perform a scene like that with someone other than the person I was in a relationship I would flip out😬
Yona-chan: Japanese ASMR gang hereeeee ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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seriously which innocent girl slept with so many man accidentally this fl is really a fool and the ml literally force himself on her she lost her innocence for her horny sister and the ml treat her like a prostitute 10 million for one night
{Vera._.Vera}: maybe she got drugged and someone took pictures of her
Alina: hello ! i know there are girls whose been through so much cruelty and i pray god for everyone's safety may god bless everyone and keep safe but there are some shameless girl who do it voluntary and that's the shameless girl we are talking about
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