Embrace My Shadow
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Embrace My Shadow

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Embrace My Shadow
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Thakur Drageel
dont ask this kind of question it will break our hearts (single)😒😒🤧🤧
kira🎭: me too😹
Ahri Y / N: oh Mah gwad-
even doe I don't regret being single-
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now imagine that man being a crusty fat man in his 50s, doing the same thing with the same intentions
Guenny panopio: hhhhh
✧Akira✧: You aren't getting it, the ml is doing this shit cuz the fl said him too, in exchange of revenge, at the complete starting with the ex selling her, it's actually the ex's fault, not the ml's... ML did the deal, now the fl has to repay, so yeah, even if he was in his 50's, we would have been forced to accept
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seriously which innocent girl slept with so many man accidentally this fl is really a fool and the ml literally force himself on her she lost her innocence for her horny sister and the ml treat her like a prostitute 10 million for one night
{Vera._.Vera}: maybe she got drugged and someone took pictures of her
Alina: hello ! i know there are girls whose been through so much cruelty and i pray god for everyone's safety may god bless everyone and keep safe but there are some shameless girl who do it voluntary and that's the shameless girl we are talking about
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Finally seeing Beiming Ye’s seriousness!!! He looked Cool!!! Proud of you Maaaan!!! This time you didn’t treat Coco like a trash!!! You came right in time and saved Coco’s life!!! 👏😍👏
PERCYJACKSON: he is one but since he is not used to it he wants it a bit private and does what he needs to but sometimes man I just want to tell ya not cool man not cool
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yeah Beiming Ye finally acted like a true lover!!! 😍
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Marian Jane Colesio
I miss the pure girl so so so much😓
Natascha Rozenblad: me to
Hanibunny😘: I know I miss it too 😢😢😢
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Spoiler alert:. 📣

okay...first of all I'm not gonna tell you everything but...I'm just telling you one thing.... In the future FL is gonna be pregnant.....but what FL didn't knew that ML was sterilized....that means he can't get a woman pregnant even if he had XXX with him.....that's why ML got furious and keep asking who the father of the child is.....

but we all knew that if FL got pregnant it's definitely ML'S child.... she's not that kind of woman who sells her body or a B*tchy girl that love to have XXX with other man.....

( BTW In the future there relationship will be a little good...)😉😊


and .....for those who sleep 3:00 am.😁..OR FOR THOSE WHO DON'T REALLY SLEEP...(like me)🤣😂 because she's/he's busy reading comics.... Please have some rest...😊🙂🤗....


P.S.: Don't worry I got some sleep..🤣🤣😅😅
Hana: Well... 😆Please be sure to sleep somethimess🤣🤣🤣😆...or we all be looking like zombies here..😶
ギリシャ: Oh, lol! I can't just leave dis here i need few more chapter,btw. Time check it currently 12:26 Gere at Philippine(time zone +8)
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At some point I feel I feel it sexual harrasment ML you should stop but at the same time I feel continue I want to watch you guys
Twinkle: I will surely check 😊😊
Xiao li: Sweetie Plz check out 🔞you are just mine💕I am sure you will love this story too
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᪥•Eɴᴄʜᴀɴᴛʀᴇss •᪥ «☕︎✍︎➪⌨︎»
NatsukiMikuru: The ML love rival is so handsome! if he's also kind , I'm afraid I'll stop supporting ML
Kathyryn Faye Ambay: its realy hansome shit
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silver star
I hope this comic not pay with coin only.its so disappointed if really pay with coin,not by point
xhaxha❤️🤧: How can u get coins?
🦋🌈: You can search name : the wife contract and love covenants
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
ML is cocky but same time looked so cool isn’t he??? 😍
You damn EX you deserved what you did!!! It’s called a karma!!! You Are so Done now!!! Bye bye!!!
Bangtangurl: Without you amusing us while we are reading, why would we still be reading this comic?
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Avi dreams
stand for yourself damn it 😠this is not men's world anymore 😠fight for yourself 😡WHERE IS YOUR SELF RESPECT!!
LEMON🍋: how? she threatened and her family will be in danger if she didnt obedient😭😭im crying.. i hope that kind of man never existed
Jovimay Ackerman: I wish she could, but she can't
total 7 replies
god she is a human not fried chicken that you are saying she's tasty
{Vera._.Vera}: no problem
Tyla Dean: thank u for makin my day
total 6 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Girl Give him more stress and give him more headaches!!! Just mess around with him!!! You must do this Girl!!! Such a cocky Jerk!!!
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yeah 😊
Andrei Christian Eduave: Me too Agree With You
total 4 replies
Question: Wtf is wrong with him??

Answer: EVERYTHING!! 😏
Stella: You are right 😂😂😂
Addie: How do you come up with these accurate answers???

Answer- you are very smart and a genius
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Geraine Rose Quinones
don't ask about boyfriend next time. we're single here😑🥴🤣
TrinBae: Fr I read this stuff because 1 I am single and 2 I love it😭😂
Alison Allison: Lol why else would we be reading this sort of things 😂😅
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Queen of Autumn
aww author can you suggest me the name of the book😂🤪🤪🤪.
mynameisARTE: i wanna know it toooo
◌⑅⃝●▄light彡: hahahaha nice one
total 7 replies
That red head girl is nothing but a shameless piece of shit.
Kiona Belveal: yup i agreee
!ANIME!: Yeah! I agree with you!
total 3 replies
Why wouldn’t she just speak to her sister like any normal sibling would do??!! For all we know he could be behind it all without confirming from her sister first 🙄🙄
simping for 2D men😍😍: um I'm pretty sure ml has nothing to do with her sister being a literal HOE, sure he's using the pictures as blackmail but what can we say, character development
{Vera._.Vera}: fr those picture could of easily been edited maybe they are fake and this was a whole set up by the ml I wouldn't be surprised honestly
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
This time Coco really in danger now!!! What a disgusting freak!!! Wanna beat him so badly!!! But don’t Dream on jerk!!! Beiming is definitely comes and save Coco!!!
𝙸𝙽𝚄𝚈𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙰: what about follow me then I will follow you back so that I will message you for further instructions
iaNe_08: where can we read his mnga until he 128 Chapter? Thank you in advance!😊
total 13 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Oh my eyes!!! 😍😍😍
At Night Hungry perverted Wolf 😈!!! In the Morning Considerate and Kind An Angel BF 😇huh!!! Such a Seductive Actor!!!
Minha_yuki(DAEBAK): absolutely right
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Thank u! 😊
total 14 replies
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