Long Live My Queen
Romance / Fantasy / TimeTravel

Long Live My Queen

Kuaikan Comics
Long Live My Queen
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Long Live My Queen Comics Online. An arrogant prince vs A girl who travels in time, they are meant to be with each other...

As a hapless modern girl, Xi Yuan travels in time to another world at the end of her life. Unexpectedly, she is stabbed to death on the moment she wakes up. However, owing to this accident, she acquires immortality and captivates the eyes of various exceedingly handsome boys, and that domineering and arrogant princess with golden hair seems also...

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not gonna lie but fourteen is much more seductive than the Male lead😝😋😋😋😘😘😘😊☺😚😚😚☺
💗Hakken Agreste Ackerman💗: yazzzz girl😭🥰
✨I'm a Cdrama fan✨: Mangaman but it might not be available on ur App Store
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jk! you need to help your bunny!
Peace'V:): sabar bro
Maria Deuda: to all authors please don't lock the other episode so that all your readers have epetite to read your story cause if it's lock how the readers finish the story and let readers be happy and give you a compliment but how can be the reader be happy if it's lock how can they finish the story
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if l wereher l will be crying all day long because l can't see BTS anymore
🖤HANNAH❤️: because there 'BTS' will not exist
coffee.cake bun: i will be crying for comics bts kdrama and blackpink
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