Unexpected Love Contract
Romance / Comedy / CEO / Completed

Unexpected Love Contract

Aby A.
Unexpected Love Contract
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Simran Prakash
Lizz orin
Cutie pie Alice Angel🥺😍😻😎
good 👍👍
but what happened to their ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend
Woah the story took a turn there
but is it really okay to marry your daughter off to people u don't even know 🤣🤣 like seriously but the story is nice so far
Is it that easy to get married Wow
just so
but liking the vibe of this story
hello ..please read my chat story
" dream of true love"
" fantasy of love -lasts forever"
!..BO$$ LADY..! [MTDC]
I wanna ask one question...When Aby was not with Ben till 5 yrs then why did Ben came back in a relationship with Ava??
Ganiat Kehindesm slimzee
a job well done
potato chip
adopted daughter to make up for the trauma of losing a child i guess
Avni Roy
i guess she faint cause of the wine or the fall
***Dark Angel***
they say that they are friends but the way they are acting caring and cuddling ☺️ with each other look like couples 😉
o my God .... did I just saw the doctors drama scene....
author I don't understand Ben said he love aby and has photo of aby said he didn't forget her, why ava is his girlfriend when she did to bad to him and why hell he was kissing ava and how he had Amnesia and forgot everything and remember aby has company and they didn't clear misunderstanding at the time of accident and y he with ava can you please brief the things to me.
Dami: Ava was always behind Ben so he gave her a change even though he was still in love with Aby. That’s why Ava wanted to kill her
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wow, i wonder about her boyfriend🤔 or is it just a boy friend?
Ocean Blue
Hope he doesn’t hurt her
Ocean Blue
Already made her daughter in law
Ocean Blue
You should at least help her
Ocean Blue
Aby is very cheerful
Ocean Blue
Wow, our Aby is cardio thoracic surgeon.
My aim is also to be a cardio thoracic surgeon 💖
the pictures are from the kdrama "The Doctors "........omg are you a kdrama fan too!??!?!?!
Lazy._.girl: hey dear! can you take out a moment and look at my first novel "His prisoner" ? i just started please feel free to comment and tell me how's it that would be an encouragement for me. Thank you!
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