Forbidden Desires
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Forbidden Desires

EMP Novel forlornshadows
Forbidden Desires
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Forbidden Desires Novel Online. Let's play a game he said.
And I agreed.
He called it possession and the possession was me.
Maybe just this one night I'll let Mr. Arizona possess me.
I might call him sky when we are all together but secretly when he touches me, touches the heat of my skin and the lust that drips along my legs I call him Mr. Arizona again.
It's a vile game we play where he lights a fire on my skin and I call him Mr. Arizona, watching the fire burn within his eyes when I moan it again and again.
It's lust.
That's what Mr. Arizona means.
Just that single word and in different names as we play different games but tonight he calls it possession.
Not another game of lust. He invited me to be won.
To be possessed by him.

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Lenz Arellano
I'm confused theres so many name that I can't remember who are they again ...
Anne Kim: Hii guys....Sorry to interrupted your reading but can you please read my first chat story " 🌼Daisy🌼" And do comment if you like it🤭🤭... please check it out..i really need your support ☺☺Thank you 🙂🙂
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Icy Snowflake!❄☃️
I love the way how you take time to give us detailed descriptions of the sex scene but can you please make it shorter! 🤨🙏🏾🙄
Hello! Can you please check out my chat story "My Missing Fate" and lemme know what you think of it?? Thankyou soo much!
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