Miracle Doctor Princess
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Miracle Doctor Princess

KaiYuan Novel (Liuyue) June
Miracle Doctor Princess
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Miracle Doctor Princess Novel Online. Originally a promisingbrain surgeon, she regarded virginity as an inviolable right.
However, by a curious coincidence, she transmigrated to the past, and had sex with a prince.
What's worse, she found the prince did not favor her, along with her sister plotting against her.
Fortunately, she utilized the extraordinary medical skills to her advantage and survived in the royal house!

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first i read to understand story, second i read it again to understand words and emotion, then i like it all chapter together, now i am commenting on my last chapter. because write in every chapter is tough job for me so i decide to praise your work at on time in one word that was amazing.
Fighting!!!!🧚‍♀️: sure..
Fighting!!!!🧚‍♀️: sure..
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Irene Milan
interesting! I love to follow!!!
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It's fine if you wont but i swear that you wont regret reading one of my peice. Thank you, if you'r interested just click my profie icon.

I promise that it's NOT cliche, tho.
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Agatha Karunda
author please others we can't read with coins
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