My Sexy Mafia Boss
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My Sexy Mafia Boss

Misty Plume
My Sexy Mafia Boss
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My Sexy Mafia Boss Novel Online. Contains extreme 🔞mature🔞 content. If you are uncomfortable reading such content, I don't recommend reading my novel.

Raine Blake is a beautiful young girl who has a promising future ahead of her. Having studied hard in high school, she is ready to graduate. However, on the day of her graduation, she gets kidnapped by the most handsome man she has ever laid eyes on?

Her estranged father, who she left a long time ago, chose her to become the collateral of his debt and she soon became the property of the notorious boss of the English Mafia, Casper Knightly.

Confused and scared, she soon realises that she must be obedient in order to survive in this new environment. However, it is quite hard when the man is a beast in bed.

Over a period of time, Raine slowly gets to know the man without weaknesses and finds little cracks which she has the power to heal.

Will romance and true love blossom? Read to find out!

Pictures aren't mine. All copyright belongs to owners, I don't own any.

MangaToon got authorization from Misty Plume to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Misty Plume
Put your vote under here. Either:

-CEO chat story
-CEO novel

The first one to 3 votes wins. Vote now!!!
Misty Plume: You're welcome.
Sarang Seoul: -CEO chat story
also thank you for using proper grammar and making your work readable.
total 21 replies
Seriously....! I didn’t understand anything... my head is spinning... my whole world seems black and blue...
kitu25: Hi...Sorry to disturb you but can you please check out my chat story called'love between Rivals' if you are free? It is a romance/school life/Mafia story. Your support is much appreciated 😊. Thank you
Thazza Mae Santiago: I'm speechless 👁️👄👁️
total 9 replies
ti anran
I also wanna have a true lover in future.
To be honest you're such a great writer.......
It's a heartwarming story I love it
Misty Plume: Great. I like writing chat novels more than novels anyway😁👍
ti anran: actually, I've read many of your stories but I never commented and also I wanted to tell you that I like chat stories more than novels......
total 3 replies
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