🔞My Sexy Rich Boss🔞
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🔞My Sexy Rich Boss🔞

Misty Plume
🔞My Sexy Rich Boss🔞
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🔞My Sexy Rich Boss🔞 Novel Online. Chloe Cage is a young girl who is devoted in her work. Only 18, she graduated early from high school and university and went on to be hired by the biggest company in the world; Nightly Group.

Upon arriving, it is clear that the CEO is not pleased with her age. Grumpy and annoyed, Chloe works hard, attempting to prove the man wrong. However, one day, having to work overtime, she brings a few documents to the CEO's office when she notices that he's been drugged by one of the female employees.

Forcing himself onto her, both individuals end up having sxx in the office. In the morning, Liam Nightly, who has previously been allergic to women, suggested that they continue this sxxual relationship to see if his mental illness can be cured. Having no sxx life whatsoever, Chloe accepts.

Can sxx make these two individuals who hate each other fall in love? Or will they be forever linked by their desires?

Pictures aren't mine. Copyright belongs to owners, not me. Hope you enjoy. Comment!

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MT Fandom
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I really loved your story author it was such an amazing workkk
I was really thrilled to now about each chapter
and you had something that wanted me to grip into this book and read it in a one go seriously I just finished it with couple of hours
and ur writing skill is just wow no mistakes not boring filled with good interesting plots and with love fun and curiosity
keep this talent and grow with time
I wuv youuuuuuu
Kitty Choezom: I love you Misty Plume! You are 🤩 amazing
♥️sese🌹ivy♥️: I will read it
total 4 replies
after very very long time i had something new and interesting story. I really liked the story, i can say that without a doubt from starting to end every chapter was interesting to read. It had all romance, action, happiness, sadness, twist, each an every emotions that can make the story nothing but more and more interesting.
And the story is not stretch for useless reason. All in all i can say that its just perfect story for readers.
Not more not less just perfect. Awesome chat story.
Good work author look forward. Good luck.😍🤩🤩😍🤩🤩
Misty Plume: I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you!
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Maureen Bozek Herrera
Oh! So Liam is jealous? Even though in essence he's the perpetrator and has nothing to be jealous about.
And Chloe cracks me up! She is so smart, looks like she has the wits too outsmart her way out of anything, too bad she couldn't outsmart her way out of last night.
mark adele❤: i request you all just once read it. I sure u like it guy's ! I'm writing my first chat novel " I want you forever " I hope you all visit and if you like it share with your folks ( frds) , support my work please please ..👈🏻. And my another work " I love .....? " check out that too. You may like it .
< K. I. C.H.E >: Hi! I'm sorry if I disturbed you but can you please check out my chat story called "Loving you with no regrets" Thank you🤗🤗
total 2 replies
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