Don't Mess with My Sister
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Don't Mess with My Sister

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Don't Mess with My Sister
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✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp
Ehh,they grew up so fast😲😯
But He has become very handsome from cute😻😻♥️
ᵏᵘᵐᵃ|ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ: Guys im hoping you will support the author’s work,”Princess in Adversity” so that our dear author won’t be lazy doing the chapters you won’t be disappointed cause the plot and drawing is so goooooooddddd🤗🤗🥰🤩
The 100 !!: Zzz dszwgsjtmupcucymdmdDhfhafy l
total 10 replies
Girl you rise your hubby
`frgrdn: hohooo
ROSE: you make it 10 replying
total 13 replies
Nazifa Nawar
That little boy and ML are the same guy??/
*Miku*♡: Twin's?🤔
Linna Lim: Yeah Didn't You Know Thats The Child Version
Of Him
total 18 replies
Mei J
For those who did not understand the green leaf on Jue’s head, there is an idiom in Chinese saying that men who are being cheated on are “wearing a green cap”.
Madhusmita Chakraborty: u are an Army??!!
`frgrdn: got it
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✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp
Wow,not once or twice but Thrice rebirth story 🤣🤣🤣
Also,The ruthless prince became VERY cute in this lifetime 😂😂😂
Anyways,seems like we will get to read an interesting story 😜😜
Riya: You should read the novel, I don't know why they changed the story so much, cuz I like the novel better.
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Nazifa Nawar
She take good care for him😍😍😍😍
Liana Avetisyan: He killed her
Eshika Era: oh hey jennie unnie!!
total 3 replies
The chibi give me a cute attack
kacey UWU: its ok and thanks for telling me!
ROSE: when the character art is little and looks cute it's call chibi and sorry for Bad English
total 5 replies
Kaname Yuki
Gosh I really adore Her!!! She is so damn smart and strong Natured Girl!!! She saved herseld and lil Bro alone on her own brainy and brave way!!! Looks like The Emperor is not that foolish one!!! His decision is smarter than I expected!!! Good Job Papaaa!!! Now stay away from those vicious wives and eunuchs King!!! As her saying “You are the Law” King!!!
chinnu: interesting
{ǝuıןɟɟø} ǝǝʞɐu d=: Lol true
total 3 replies
Izumi Midoriya: I'll trade him(A.K.A his a Diablo and will do anything and everything to annoy and toture you)
☠︎︎ɭiɭɭ ɗeviɭ☠︎︎: I can trade him for free! (the fine print: he is a devilish little annoying creature who loves to make everyone freak out)
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Is He a Gay or something??? Don’t treat Jue just like a girl maaaan!!! Jue belongs to our FL!!! You looks shameless Gong Qi!!! 😒
Linna Lim: What Is Wrong With You Ngl Gays Are Weird Im Not A Hater I Just Think Gays Are Weird
Tsubaki Tsubaki: I like to read Yaoi 😊
total 6 replies
Kaname Yuki
Oh Wow Our FL is so damn strong and badass!!! 🥰💗🥰
Concubine’s vicious plan is exposed!!! Looks like Empress seeing this concubine through!!! Now punish this vicious concubine!!!
Ritska Lowe: Then she's pushing up to his majesty for favour that bxtch is devious .........she needs a new personality and a good heart... and that empress has no problem lending the FL a hand cause she hates her too but that doesn't mean the empress is good she's not so different....
Kaname Yuki: Ur right!
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Kaname Yuki
kk Our heartless Emperor is adoring our FL!!! What a surprise!!! Looks like Emperor do not harm her anymore!!! That’s good!!!

I think Crown Prince is not that bad person!!! I hope I’m not wrongly thinking!!!
ang el: He isnt
Kaname Yuki: Me too hope so too!
total 6 replies
My imagination is killing me. Spare me please. These is too much to sink in
✨✨𝕯𝓻aveή⇜(ドラブン): sameeeeee
•Alex._ .Mystix: same!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
total 4 replies
Cool speech princess
✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp
Nice nice,The one who killed in last lifetime, promises to protect throughout this lifetime 😯👀👍👍
Sitti Tayaban: That, s my girl😘😘😘😚😚😙😙😙
Sitti Tayaban: That, s my girl😘😘😘😚😚😙😙😙
total 5 replies
෴ ❤️ Cha eun woo ❤️ ෴
😂😂 looks like the comic is gonna be funny
Riya: u guys should read the novel, they have changed the story a lot.
fish: I like your username
total 8 replies
umm.. she acts like his mother.. how will he make her his wife.. *sigh*
🤍❄️🖤🦋Alluka🦋🖤❄️🤍: Weird right
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Silly Sister don’t play fire!!! Don’t tease Jue’s patience!!! If you do this again and again he will be push you down and to do his way for sure!!! Jue is bearing himself very well you know sis!!! 😅
Someone Bored: Hey there, I ask for your support on my new work, "Unladylike" and also... follow and I'll follow back.
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Oh Boy!!! You killed so many innocent people!!! Gosh too much blood!!! Wanna throw up!!! 🤢
Looks like Emperor doesn’t wanna help his son!!! Such a cruel and wanton Emperor!!!
Misaki chan: ikr...
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yeah me too also! There is only the concubines and Empress are vicious and disgusting ones!!! 😁
total 11 replies
Yui Komori
wow so cool I love it 💕
fl are damn cool 😎
I love it very much shes not weak as the other reincarnation btw first
liza: she is like A fei from the drama legend of fei. A fei is really good in martial arts
total 1 replies
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