My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend

Ji Guang Comic
My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend Comics Online. It all started from that night, when she was kissed by a hooligan who seemed to be chased by mafia. The next morning, a handsome man kidnapped her and sent her to an elite school, where she ran into the hooligan from that night again...

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School life
Hottest Comments
Confused potato
I want a guy like that, but we all know those guys don’t exist and I will be forever alone because my expectations are too high from reading so much manga’s 😅😅😅
Kirmitha Yerra: You read true beauty as well. Or have you seen the drama
nus ba: I can't read episode 50😭 please help me
total 80 replies
i think i fell in love with wind he is just perfect 😍 suri my lucky girl ...and mr billy you're dead 😎 anyway he were ugly i won't feel sorry for him🙂
Welcome 2 Despair: Yep u said it he is terrible
Calista Wimmers: can I have the honors with billy
total 4 replies
Wowww... Can we take moment to appreciate the author of this MANGA.. Because this MANGA Is Dammmmm Good... Thank You Author for your Wonderful work.. And Also Suri Apologizing Wind, And Wind asking To call Honey but then Eachen And Claud Calling Him Honey dear Hahaha😂😂😂
Sarokin: It's Chinese, so it should be a manhua. Chinese comics are called manhua, Korean are manhwa, and Japanese are manga...
Erelah Geniza: wowoww
total 16 replies
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