Spirit Sword Master
Action / Fantasy / Historical Romance

Spirit Sword Master

Spirit Sword Master
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Spirit Sword Master Comics Online. Set up and killed by his best buddy, a top-notch swordsman wakes up finding himself turned back into his teenage self.
Restarting again from the weakling bullied by all, he is determined to seek revenge and cherish the girl who once sacrificed her life for him.

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Historical Romance
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Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update! Thanks author for all your great, hard work all this time! We hope you feel better soon and are wishing you well! Please take care of yourself in the meantime. Our prayers are with you!
Alpha Plays: Well, people this days have a head as hard as a rock
Thousand Sunny : My comment thread is not a advertising billboard for promoting people’s amateur novels and stories. And yet, all three of the replies on this thread are exactly that, novel promos. I’m sick of it. If you want to promo your story, do it in the general comments section, and leave personal comment threads alone.
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sana haris
authors I really admire your detail explanation how you put your heart into making this awesome manga
sam Alexader: Good manga BrO...
R I V A L R Y (MTNp): Possessive Love .
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Brandon Cardona
great episode, so many complexities in Abby's mind for brainwash, amazingly made. Top my hat off to the author!!!
R I V A L R Y (MTNp): Guys check out my novels.

I'd really appreciate it if you do
Apun Datta: Hey that's mean stop ✋ 😡😡😡😫😩🙄🙏🙏👊💪.,?!:();
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