Please Be My Mommy,Mommy!
Romance / CEO / Mystery

Please Be My Mommy,Mommy!

somebody :)
Please Be My Mommy,Mommy!
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Update on
Please Be My Mommy,Mommy! Novel Online. They were happy together... but the happiness didn’t last
Five years later she come back with a KID, a kid that no one knows that exist.
But something unexpected happen...that kid has a TWINS?!

“I give you my daddy so can we share mommy 🥺”
“you can have my daddy-“
“do you really have to sell your daddy?!”
“if I have to then Yeah!”

What exactly happened 5 years ago?
Will the mother and the father meet each other again?
How will these genius twins make their parents got together again?

Hope you guys enjoy

*picture not mine, I take it from Pinterest😅*

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your an idiot Micheal
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Space Colony
yoo!!! Michael u son of a ****. Congralutions that finally u understood now make everything ok
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so he knows the fl...that's a relief 🤧
Maggie: yeah! this is a total new concept.
Alistair: yeah mostly in every manga/chat ml usually don't know this is the first one for me
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