So Icy, My CEO Husband
Romance / CEO

So Icy, My CEO Husband

So Icy, My CEO Husband
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So Icy, My CEO Husband Comics Online. By chance, her fate was intertwined with that man. Overnight, a poor orphan girl who is disliked by others, becomes the wife of the Qin family who is envied by everyone. In front of people, he is a high and mighty iceberg president! But in private, he is a maniac who spoils his wife to no end!
"Qin Chen, if you love me, then don't treat me like a fragile canary."
"How about being a queen? Trample everything in the world under your feet!"

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Hottest Comments
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Again that same plot but I’m still not giving up and reading!!! 😂😂😂
Lily: I mean like there are many like this where the girl sleeps or something you can see like you look like my son's mommy, don't mess with my sons mother etc.
Zhao Rong: which manga is same like this
total 60 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
RaoRao’s family is creepy and disgusting!!! 🤮

- Step mother is wicked moron!!!
- Grandfather is stupid old geezer!!!
- Father is blind moron!!!
- EX is blind and brain washed shit!!!
- Sister is so damn vicious and good actress!!!
- Luckily ML is good looking and cooler than EX!!! Looks like he is not cocky and cold!!! That’s good!!!
Rachel Ann Piolo Gitanes: duutdjydgdrgdtshdtg😘😘😘😘
handsome_asf: bro, i saw ur comment again. It's you from the other comic.
total 20 replies
Don't tell me that the young brother is a gay who likes his own elder brother....!
Levi Ackerman: SPOILER!!!
Mei Anime Girl: u like levi too 🤣
total 37 replies
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