Exclusive Possession of Your Heart
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Exclusive Possession of Your Heart

Cloud Studio
Exclusive Possession of Your Heart
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Exclusive Possession of Your Heart Comics Online. I am imprisoned.
The fiancé of my heart donor locked me up, saying that this heart belongs to him and that I must live in his dead fiancée's stead...
By "live in his dead fiancée's stead" he means me to act like her, talk like her, dress like her, and think like her, as if I am just a manipulatable doll, a soulless shell, a vessel for another woman's heart.
You may think the heart throbbing in my chest is yours, but my true heart is never yours!

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From what I understood.

Di said before that he's obsessed with "LOYALTY" because he doesn't want to become like his father who wasn't loyal to her mother. Since Di & Ruxi had been together for years and have been loyal to her, so he mistook LOYALTY as LOVE. Remember when he was having dilemma between Ruxi and Meng? He kept convincing himself that Ruxi is the "only" one he will love and he didn't want to "betray" her (Obsession + Loyalty...connect the dots 🤔).

The reason why he was angry at Meng in the beginning because he suddenly lost the "object" of his loyalty. He didn't know what to do, so he wanted to turn Meng as Ruxi. It was his only coping mechanism. He needed someone to direct his obsession. In order to be free from his obsession his father knocked some senses out of him. After that he easily moved on from Ruxi because he finally admitted that there was never any love between them, before that he was in denial because he didn't want to be like his father.
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Myrlande: interesting observation!
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Ok I got one or two questions....... sooo 1 she was DEAD when the heart was taken out right? Ok so what was the Ml gon do? hmmm? Bring her back to life?..... naaaahhh that's not possible. So how he gon get mad at the 2nd Ml for taking out her heart while she was ALREADY dead? and most importantly how you going to get mad at the Fl for getting a heart while she was in a coma like how does that make sense so she was asleep and a doctor gave her a heart which they do aaallll the time, and he going to get mad at her when she wakes back up for getting a somthing that she didn't ask for?, that she didn't know she was getting?, that she couldn't prevent from getting?, Dude she was on the verge of death, and yo lil girlfriend or whatever was already dead. Sooo clam down. I swear Ml will really blame anybody but their selves when someone the love or care about gets hurt.
Petal Mussio: bruh idrc bc at the end of the day thats his girlfriend and they were gonna get married i wouldve felt the same way i wouldve even wanted to try and bring ruxi back to life just to tell hr bye or that i miss u or watever like broo chill i bet u wouldve felt the same way too. right
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Bernadette Echevarria
honestly I think Ruxi and Di are more like best friends only.

now it's becoming more clear now.
Di didn't loved Ruxi but cared for her or maybe had some feelings for her or they are confused that time but now when Di find/meet Meng he finds his real feelings now but Meng was confused about happen to her sister died and they are sister. Meng thinks that she use her sister heart and than she falls in love to her sister boyfriend but now Di explain all to Meng.
I think Di has a feeling to Ruxi because he was supper angry and hurts when Ruxi died and Meng using her heart without his permission.

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