🔞My Possessive Hubby🔞
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🔞My Possessive Hubby🔞

Misty Plume
🔞My Possessive Hubby🔞
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🔞My Possessive Hubby🔞 Novel Online. Lyra Ashton is the unknown pearl of the royal family. Being the illegitimate child of the King, she is forgotten at the back of the palace, almost reduced to being a mere maid.

Having the secret ability to absorb the enchantments on objects, she finds herself drawn to an artefact just brought in from a battle. Once she touches it, she is overwhelmed and absorbs its power, allowing her to read the thoughts of those she wishes.

However, there is only one person who she can't read. The person who retrieved the object and killed the dragon carrying it, August Carter. A commoner who rose up the ranks with the help of his swordsmanship and reckless courage, he is soon granted a demand by the King.

Instead of asking for riches, he asks for one person; Lyra. The King agrees and they are both married on the day.

The man who is so cold during the day becomes a beast at night. Why does he want Lyra? And what is his true goal? Does love exist?

Copyright of pictures belongs to owners, not me.

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Comic Addict.!🥴(19+) IND 🇮🇳
Oh my my...🤭 She is the most innocent FL i have ever seen😏🙈🙈🙈😅
【Rose_ Demon】: WTH?! YOU'RE HERE AGAIN?!
Lisa: that right. 🤭🤭
total 21 replies
emmaj2776 エマ
Lmao what did she think?! through the mouth 😂😂
Waleria Jones: I've just come here for the bedroom scenes. He he.
Waleria Jones: Same here. I'm not dirty minded at all...
total 6 replies
oh my goodness 🤣 I was confused at the starting thinking that he'll be rival of our ml but to
turns out he genuinely think of her as sister
Verity🌙: Same here. He might be a perv who sleeps around but at least he's responsible when he needs to be!
Waleria Jones: (Un)popular opinion, I actually like Rydian.
total 7 replies
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