Sealed with Lips
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Sealed with Lips

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Sealed with Lips
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Yuki Yuki
Seeing Badass FL is so damn satisfying!!! Go Go Go Girl!!! Destroy these crappy women!!! They’re deserve to be punished by you Girl 😈
cheeku: What a title 🤣
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Little Princess
where did she get that towel . the towel doesn't fall even she is jumping , walking fast ,heavy wind . I also want that towel
mrs winter bear: i want that too......i think that towel is from that hotel so we have to find which hotel is that......
Hiori Kazano: Give me the hotel address, I’m going right now!
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😍All Kuaikan comics are great and I also love this one
H̆̈ă̈p̆̈-p̆̈ĕ̈ă̈: It's the name of the the comic platform of this and many other comics....
Zaclun: what is kuaikan
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Yuki Yuki
lol I think ML and FL are both so shameless and cocky!!! 🤣
I like Xingyan’s mother!!! Between them She is love bridging!!! Such a loving mother!!!
Yuki Yuki: Ur right!
Oopsies~🤡: ikr? but still tho, they balance each other pretty well
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Yuki Yuki
Good Girl!!! Shut his mouth up!!! This kind of Cocky mouth shut up like that!!!
I like this daring and strong Natured Girl!!!
Yuki Yuki
You cocky jerk said that before “You will never ever fall in love with her” now what are you doing jerk??? You are teasing her and flirting with her!!! Such a Liar!!! 🤥
Yuki Yuki
Yup just let this blinded moron go Girl!!! He will regret sooner and he will come back to you for sure!!! Cuz this cocky head already interested in you!!!

Just shout out loudly “Say goodbye Damn love” and live your own life freely Girl!!!
Yuki Yuki
Yup Xingyan finally said right thing!!! It’s your turn to chase after her!!! Make Zhen yours man!!!

Wow Zhen looks Gorgeous!!!
Mr. Frost: it makes me remember about

"Your turn to chase after me"
see it at wecomics

i recommend
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Yuki Yuki
You helped her!!! Now what Maaaan??? I kinda dislike him!!! Such a huge of arrogance!!! Chills~ 😒
LongChuHan: Exaaaaaactly!
Lidz Aiz: ur right there😉. They became CEO of mega company interoprice etc. but use romours and hoax for as a base for the Truth.
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Yuki Yuki
Such a Disgusting mother and daughter!!! 🤮🤮🤮 But don’t Dream on!!! Your nasty plan is never ever going well!!! Zhen will be ruin it perfectly!!!
Yuki Yuki
She is so damn brave and even doesn’t care about her life!!! What a dangerously cool FL!!! 😍
2020 is a mess: that's because she died once ..........and your right she is a cool fl
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cristil logroño
There's missing drawings po.. Not sure for the others but surely mine does..
Deepika K: me too
Eden Castañeda Rabino: same here
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💙 Skye💙
At least now we know why its called sealed with lips
Queen T: I swear
Sara Anday: right
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So they just gonna leave her like that in the towel?! isn't it embarrassing?
moonlight sakura: you know that towel is strong 😂
i mean not like in other manga🤣😂😂😂
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Yuki Yuki
Zhen’s plan really can pisses Xingyan off!!! Such a badass and brave Zhen!!! But using that token of the Feng family is kinda risky!!!
Yuki Yuki
Where is Xingyan husband? Your wife is drugged!!! You have to release it from her body!!! 😈
Yuki Yuki: Thinking dirty or not is none of your business anyway!!! Why so bothering!!! Don’t mind me pls!!!
𝘬ꪶꪮꫀ-: people nowadays are dirty minded😕
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Yuki Yuki
lol this Mr cocky head completely fall in love with Zhen!!! 🤣🤣🤣
if I were in that towel... I'm sure it fall anytime 😂😂😂
Secret Reader🎌: Happy International Anime Day Minna San!
Secret Reader🎌: Grabe patay agad! HAHAHAHA! Tanong lng anime fan or otaku ka ba? Kasi ako oo
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Yuki Yuki
Eeeeew So disgusting cheater step mother!!! Just wanna puke!!! 🤮🤮🤮
Rhein De Gracia: gosh me too 🤢🤢🤢 let me die just don't let me see another woman like this
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I suddenly want to throw up😵 when her father said,"your sister is still young"...😶
GFRIEND_6<(@·@)>: yeah😢
~ Sleepy Kriz ~: The privilege of being the youngest... TwT"'
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