Baby Making System
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Baby Making System

Baby Making System
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Baby Making System Comics Online. A cold-blooded forensic pathologist was reborn into a peasant girl. Now she has a bunch of mean relatives and dummy husband around her! And the only way to return to the modern world is to make babies with this halfwit! Will they ever work it out? How many babies will they have? Most important of all, who on earth is this mysterious man...

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i think he is the first innocent ML in the whole of mangatoon!😂
Princess 2407 bizli: me too
Chelsy😗💗😇😜😎: yap it is
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Tori Tori
Cough* babies.. Dude ML my man uh did you just say babies??
Addie: Yeah umm babies already....
christmas girl: Why know
total 9 replies
Julia Santiago
Why am I so dirty minded like I though she's supposed to be pregnant in order to go to their world again it's funny cuz I though of that
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