On the other side
Ella was walking in the streets
ella smith
What a nice day 😊😊"sipping drink"
Then she saw some students bullying their fellow clasmmate
ella smith
What is happening there 🤨🤨
The students "give me your money
No this money is important for me please don't get it my little sister is sick and she needs medicine
Bad students"ooh your sister is sick "insulting tone" well I don't care
Its your business not mine I just need your money
"good student" no no
And the bad students start to beat him up
Ah ah stop it please
And then ella came to the rescue
ella smith
The bad students look at her
ella smith
"went near them"
ella smith
Are you're parents not giving you enough money that you have to bully your fellow classmates are you that short of money
"bad students" who are you acting brave there
Anyway its none of your business
ella smith
Doesn't your parents teach you manners
ella smith
Then Let me teach you
She started beating them
After a while
"bad students" were sorry please dont hurt us anymore we wont bully him anymore "afraid tone
ella smith
"GO" shout
They run away right away
ella smith
Are you ok "
"student" I'm fine thank you
Thank you for saving me
ella smith
Your welcome
ella smith
Look at you your all messy
ella smith
Let me help you
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