as they planned
ash take over the place of her sister
as the CEO of the company and leader of gang
as for our ML he wake up from coma on second day
that day smith family kept the funeral of aishu
when he work up he asked for her her mom said that she is dead in the car accident 😞
he was very depressed
but that time su came to home tell him that she is dead because of her enimes and you don't have to blame yourself
from that day he became cold and been in guilt that he can't save her😞
after some years passed away
the smith family had became the richest family in the world and Johnson family was second richest family
as for the hidden CEO ash never accepted the position she took over vice President position
handle the company
and our ML he never accepted any girl to get near him
his family always tried to persuade him to go on blind dates but he never accepted and said that he will never let any girl to be with him and if they want a hierar he will adopt a child
he became so cold he never let anyone to come close to him
as for like this 10 years pass without aishu
she never appeared in front of her friends and family
after 10years she appeared in front of ash
in AAS company (ash aishu smith)
receptionist:how can I help you maam
our FL
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
umm.. I want to meet CEO
receptionist:mam do you have appointment
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
but can you call the CEO and tell her that queen is back🙂
receptionist: okay ma'am
receptionist:call ash hello ma'am 💬
ash smith/twin FL/princess/sole/ani
yes 💬
mam there is a lady she want to meet you💬
ash smith/twin FL/princess/sole/ani
what is her name💬
ma'am her nm..💬
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
o come on give it to me
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
hey crazy girl it's me💬
ash smith/twin FL/princess/sole/ani
she run down at reception
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