aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
thank you 😊
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
let's go we are getting late
shu Smith/mom FL/queen
yes let's go
after some time they arrive at party
all were meeting and greeting each other
June Johnson/prince/dark shadow/ ML
finally you are here honey 😍
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
😳** he kinda look handsome today **yes
xiao xili/Rmom of FL /queen of magic
👀 did we see correct the devil is blushing
Ming lane/Rdad of FL/king of black world
👀yes you are correct 🙂
all were looking at aishu because she was close to smith family but they didn't know that she is 3rd daughter of smith family
after some time
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
hello everyone
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
today I am very happy because today my lost daughter has come back
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
to her family
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
I welcome aishu smith 😊
she take steps towards the her father
she was standing beside her father
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
she is my daughter aishu smith she was lost for 10 years ago but now she is back to her family 😊
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
so please enjoy your self today and have fun with us🙂
after some time they start couple dance
every one was dancing
hey aishu how can you forget me 😏
yes mom how can you forget us😞
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