that time when she became the emperor she became the most dangerous person
but it didn't take time to the different kingdom started the war
that time she personally take the army of legendary animal and killed the army of different kingdom and take over the place of that kingdom
and make the magic Kingdom bigger
and worked for farmer who don't have magic
and use her knowledge to make her country safe and see if there any problems in the country
and find the people who betrayed her
and killed them in the front of the people who were there to make them feel pain and make them scared and tell them if they betray her they will die miserably
and make the people minister she trusted
and use her powers to make her mom again health
like this 3years go
she was named as demon emperor
her mom also started to become strong
some month passed her mother became health
and strong
in emperor room
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
xiao xili/Rmom of FL /queen of magic
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
who is my dad ?
xiao xili/Rmom of FL /queen of magic
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
don't tell if you don't want to (hug her)
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