she left from there
eka/imperial gaurd of FL
master aren't you worrying about her majesty
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
no need I can see he is in love with her even if he do something I will torcher him to the hell and make him mess
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
(devil smiling)
at that time
aishu also started helping him to persue her mom
and after some time he confessed her
and they got married
on that day aishu gave them a impressive gift
she told them that he is her father
so it became easy for get along with each other
it take them 1 half years to get along and then
they decided that aishu will be the emperor of the black world kingdom as for magic world her sister will handle it
because aishu had inherited her father's power as for her sis she get her mother power
______the end of past_____
Ming lane/Rdad of FL/king of black world
so that's how we meet
June Johnson/prince/dark shadow/ ML
xiao xili/Rmom of FL /queen of magic
let's go back to immortal words we have been here for so long
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