aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
mom when are you going to talk about my marriage 😁to June's mom
Sam Smith/dad FL/king
you are very excited to get marry him huh😒
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
hehehe of course he waited for me last 10years🤧
Ming lane/Rdad of FL/king of black world
oh so you were with him before the accident 😤huh
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
ya that day he proposed me 🤭when I rejected him he said he will make me fall in one month for him so I agree with that because he was not letting me go🤧😤
ash smith/twin FL/princess/sole/ani
oh so that's what happened 😑
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
ya 🤩
shu Smith/mom FL/queen
okay we will take about your marriage to them about it now happy 😒
aishu smith/nightmare/Arina princess
yes I am going to company byy🤭
all:- byy
they started to prepare themselves to take to Johnson family because they also feel guilty about the past accident that happed
after preparing every thing they visit them
and clear the misunderstanding between them and agree to the wedding and fixed the marriage date in one week
because of the love birds
after settling everything
they started preparing for the marriage
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