let's start our story
There is story part which tell what happened to ash in past
when ash was 10 then her whole family had an accident in which ash got separated from them
she was lying the river side with blood and scratches then some one who is passing through they saw and admitted her near hospital
she gain her conscious after 3 days but she lost her memories so hospital admitted her in Angels orphanage where she live for 10 months
then chang family adopt her cause they don't have their own child
she started to be Happy with then by time until one day when her foster mother got pregnant after 7months of adoption
from starting that day her happiness went far from her...her mother (foster) doesn't treat her like she used to her father (foster) neglect her and didn't listen to her
after 9months her mother (foster) give birth a baby girl..shi(ash)got so Happy that she have now her little sister but her mother (foster) didn't even let her play with her
after 1and half year later they didn't even care about her they just leave her own to live.
her mother (foster) scold her, and even beat her by anthing he got like bat,belt, mop etc. .when shelly (Mr. & mrs. chang daughter) got 6 year old she slip from stairs and went to coma and all the blame of whole incident was on shi(ash) cause she was with shelly at that time but she didn't push her shelly herself slip she says that multiple times but her mother, father didn't ready to listen her...they beat her to death then lock her to storage room and didn't give her anything to eat or drink,but there was a maid sometimes she gave her something to eat for survive
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