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younger shi(ash)😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭what... did...I do...that 😭😭😭they behave 😭😭😭like this real😭😭😭😭 parents abound me .....and now 😭😭😭my foster 😭😭😭😭parents 😭😭also .....doing😭😭 the same
younger shi(ash)
what is........ my mistake........😭 why all😭😭😭😭😭😭.... of them.......😭😭😭treat me this
younger shi(ash)
why...why....😭😭😭 mom. ...😭😭😭don't😭😭😭 believe me......I didn't 😭😭😭push shelly...I didn't.....😭 push her....
younger shi(ash)
(sleep due to cry)😪
after this gramdma chang come to chang mention then she take shi(ash) with her
grandma chang treat shi(ash) like her own granddaughter. she always take care of her and shi(ash)feel secure around her she can be with her own
after returning from chang mention shi(ash) didn't talk with anyone for 3 whole months. her grandma transfer her to near by school then after 7 months she start to be her own again, talk with everyone but at night she always cry and think hard for a reason why her parents behave like this but can't find .....
she made friends in school and spend happily time with them and always study hard to become someone and her friends give their all help to her cause they all love each other
but it didn't stay long soon grandma chang passed away and for this incident shi(ash)got break inside she don't have anyone for her in this world now she kept thinking this but her friends were there for her
because of underage her foster parents took her in their house and like past didn't treat her well but shelly treat her like her own elder daughter so shi (ash)bear it and for escape mom's punishment shi and shelly put act towards there parents that shelly hate shi(ash) so mom won't scold or punish her (shi).
at last shi just drop the hope for alive but because of shelly she live but after sometimes later arriving she move to dormitory.
okay guys see u later
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