when she (shi/ash) moved to dormitory ,she didn't go back to chang mention and didn't want there love as parents cause she now know that they will never love her like what they used to....
in her dorm
shi (ash)
now I don't want their love, I don't want them to be love or care me ..... not anymore
shi (ash)
how slliy I was to think that I did something wrong that's why mom dad stop loving me..such a hilarious thinking...what a fool I am....*sad voice *
shi (ash)
how can they love who isn't their flesh and blood 😧😧😭😭...but even I am not their own child ..do they really need to be this cruel towards me....😭😭
shi (ash)
they have their own child😢😭....their flesh and blood.....but I neither hate shelly nor blame her...she treat me as her own elder sister. she loves me and also I do ...this all their own ridicules thinking
shi (ash)
now I don't have any relation with them...I'll start my new life today onwards....now grandma wasn't here for me I need to stand and endure all in this hateful world....
shi (ash)
but I'll stand and make myself at that capable that no one can look down at me for having no parents *determination *
after that shi and her friends start a small company with their own strength and put all their hard work and time in it
they all study hard in their studies and do hard work all day night for progressing their company
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