shi got up and look at the other side of bed which was untouched like no one came here and slept seeing this shi left a high sign and wonder why he didn't show up last night and where did he spend his night..
shi (ash)
well actually shi is a girl who knows how to value a relationship (cause she didn't have her own biological parents) and always respect relationships, it is one of the reason why she endure all her foster parents unfairness, torture and lastly their selfishness towards her...but she didn't completely broken cause she believes hater can be only fade away by love and care so she try her best but in last she failed but .......there were some people still around her who wants her to be happy, to be ,want her happiness, want to be with her rest of their life.....which always motivates her not to give up and sad about the things which she can't do anything about them to be better.
and with this motivation she start to put all her affect, time,thoughts, energy, hard-work into her aim ,aim to be this powerful and successful that no one dare to look down upon her and none can say that she was unwanted, she was abounded by her parents.....cause her friends her little sister (foster sis) wants her they didn't abounde her nor criticize her.......... she want to be successful to protect them,to give them happiness and stay with them all rest of her life....
so when shi was bounded with a new relationship with someone who happened to be her husband then during vows she told herself that she will try her best to accept this relation if their won't be any disagreement from him....and if he didn't want then they can be friends at least....
present time
she took a quick bath and put a elegant dress and wear a little makeup
shi (ash)
shi (ash)
(goes to downstairs)
when shi came down no one greeted her or ask her to have breakfast..all the maids treat her like a air who can't be seen
shi (ash)
shi (ash)
[forget it 😔😔 can't be helped to say anything to them]
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