Jacob Alivston / jack
when we will arrive there drive fast* yelled *
ye...yes ... ...sir I'll.... drive fast we..... will reached.....there in 5 minutes.... sir(😱😭) *nervously said *
Jacob Alivston / jack
(look outside)
after 5 minutes he reached at OCEAN HOTEL
Jacob Alivston / jack
(come out)
as he come out of his car all people present there start to gossiping cause all know about today's hot sprinkling news and also knows that he and stella is in a relationship (which deliberately disclose by stella herself cause she wants him to accept her as his' so, she can achieve her dream to become A listed actress easily) he ignores all these things and headed towards at elevator
ron already make all arrangements before visiting here so no one stop him from going inside and also he have a spare key of the room where stella is staying now
he thoughts various reasons for her staying here as he going to her room but he feel an uneasy feeling that he don't know what is it??
Jacob Alivston / jack
you stay here I'll go alone *cold*
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
but.....okay boss
Jacob Alivston / jack
(goes from there)
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
[may be now you understand what her true colour is boss]
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