when Jacob was in his high school, the school planned a tour of country side where a Greenhouse is situated ...
so their students can know more about nature and can see the real world where the people who do hard work for their survival and contribute in our nation also....
Jacob was seeing all the things very carefully and thus while scrolling that area he see a warehouse
out of curiosity he go there to have a look at that
when he go inside there was place some ingredients may be for selling and that room was lighting up by Flambeau(firefight) not bulb this caught his eyes
that they live their life so distantly is the first thought come in his mind as he go further inside he saw some tools which are probably use for farming while scrolling he heard someone talking
we have to destroy this warehouse now
at this time no one come here and today they all busy with students
so our work will be more easy let's lit the fire at all the four corners of this warehouse
so they can't have their ingredients and no ingredients means no money this at the end they have to sell this land to our boss*evil smile *
yes yes let's do
Jacob heard their plan to destroy this warehouse so he try to quickly arranged all the ingredients at a safe place but fire already take it's way it was already spread maximum area of half warehouse
he started to feel suffocated by the fog of fire and soon he lose his balance and fall on the ground his head slightly hit the counter placed there
after some time that whole seen catch people's eyes and everyone begin to panic and bring water to stop the spreading fire from widely
the whole warehouse was in smoke and then Jacob thought he isn't going to survive from this fire and suffocation then he saw a slim figure walking to him
don't worry nothing will happen to you*worried *
we will safely go out of here!!*worried*
Jacob was in his half conscious so he barely hear and see her but he knows that the person is a girl who is trying her best to take both of us from here....
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