after some hours later he back to his conscious and found himself in a hospital
he ask doctors who brought him here and he was told that some village people admitted him here
after discharging from there he found that a girl save him from that fire so he start to find about her.... he was very grateful for her to save and consoled him that time and thanxs for not leaving him there alone
but he didn't succeed in it after 1 year later stella come in front of him asking his health he felt something is fissy so he ask her why she question his health
then stella told him last year she save him from that warehouse she told him every thing in details and her paying for his medical bills
he didn't convince in his heart ..a part of his heart always saying something isn't right.....after that he decided to pay her back and help her in future if she stuck in a problem somehow
but how ambitious and vicious stella was how can she just accept that little some of his money
she start to act innocent and a dignitary person who don't want someone charity
she play this act for almost 2 year and always find a chance to stick with him
later on he decided to give a chance with her in a relationship by seeing her natural which was only for outwardly not from inside
after being with her in a relationship she slowly slowly start to demand things for her benefit but not directly she is too vicious and screaming to describe
she always hit her target by putting her trumps in someone else's shoulder ....never come in light to do her things directly...till now she always wrapped him around her fingers
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