Jacob Alivston / jack
he goes towards downstairs while glaring at TV ....hearing his footsteps nicolas turn his head to his side
Nicolas Martin (friend of Jack)
see who are now in today's hot news *smirk*
he didn't bother to listen him and sit on dining table
seen him like this Nicolas also stood from his place and sit opposite side of him....... soon Butler come and orders all the servant to serve the breakfast.....
Nicolas Martin (friend of Jack)
now what will you do to them? I don't think so you are going to to leave them like that are you?
he glared at him for a second then again start to have his breakfast seeing him like that nicolas didn't bother to ask him further and also have his breakfast
after sometime later they both finished their breakfast and headed towards the Jack's company......
while driving Nicolas check all the online news about Tong family and Stella Tong he was saying all the news in hearable voice but Jacob decide not to pay attention in any of his talk soon they both reached at his(jacob) company and headed towards his cabin.....
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