as Ron heard receptionist said that Stella is here he take a peek at Jacobs face
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
wait a while📲
he put his left hand on the phone speaker
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
sir miss Stella is here looking for you will I bring her here *nervously said*
Jacob Alivston / jack
Jacob Alivston / jack
convey the message that I am busy *cold voice*
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
right now sir....
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
told miss Stella president is busy in important meeting so sir can't talk to her right now if she want she either go or wait in waiting room
they both hang up the phone
RECEPTIONIST: sorry Ms Stella president is busy in an important conference he said that if you want you can either wait or go
after listening receptionist Stella stunned stand there cause in the past Jacob never ever talk to her like that and he never let her wait for anything if she come to see him anytime he always put his work aside and spend time with her
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