as Stella reached Jacob's company all the employees were starting at her she noticed everyone's clear glare and wondered why?.... but she decided to not pay any attention and soon reached at the front of exclusive elevator...
when she reach her Palm to scan the elevator scanner it reject her scan and didn't open she stood there in shock......
at first she thought that it may be cause of an electronic defect or service but she try quite more times and eventually she finally found out that her palm scan was deleted from the scanner....
at that moment she thought what made him do this could he found anything about her secret she started to feel anxious but later she told herself
Stella tong
[no..no it... it can't be happened no..no.....it is just a coincidence....yes.....yes..... it's must be coincidence.......... maybe it's in service so my scan delete from here .....yes it may no.. no...must be this very reason yes...he can't do it intentionally....*panic*]
after saying that to herself she headed towards the receptionist
Stella tong
is Jacob in his cabin right now ? I want to see him immediately *in rude tone*
receptionist -miss Stella just a second I'll confirm if boss is free or not...
Stella tong
I say I want to know if he is here or not*rude tone*
receptionist-ok just a while
receptionist look at her like this🖕
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