receptionist : [oh God how can Boss be with this mannerless and rude girl all she can do was just acting pity fully and gain sympathy from others no one can believe that she is actresses Stella tong if they see her this face they won't be her fan anymore and detest her and after yesterday incident she have the face to come here and talk like this to me hump]
at this current movement after hearing Jacob's respond she was boiling in anger and was way too Furious towards Jacob...
Stella tong
[how can he say that to me how can he do this and treat me like this I come all the way here to meet him and he is giving excuses of being busy]
Stella tong
as she told that to herself in her mind she started to throw ruckus at the company and start a fuss about this their present all the people know what had happened yesterday
they all are aware of how sult and cheap character she is and her family is !! and also some people present there were feel pity towards their boss that whom he love is such a cheap character person like her but some were saying that how can was be that much foolish to let her wrap him around her fingers like this and let her play with his feelings.....
they all were looking at her with disgust....
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