come to his cabin and sanitize his hand with sanitizer
cause he held her jaw with his hand
Jacob Alivston / jack
use all our sources and make sure she can't get any work for herself *cold*
Jacob Alivston / jack
and go take care of the bungalow that I gave her and arranged maids to clean that house properly *cold* (with blank face)
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
get it sir
after saying this Ron left the cabin
Ron (Assistant of Jack)
[now she will know who the hell isJacob Alivston!! when he make all her ways block to live in this city] 😎😎
Jacob Alivston / jack
[till now you see me how my love is !! now you will see what is the price you have to pay for crossing me] *dark voice *
at FL side
this is the part of the incidence's day jacob left the hotel at the same time at FL side..
vanessa Wilton/ ash(fl)
is there any other work I have to look after (exhausted)🥱
Adam (ash PA and friend)
no you almost complete all work for today 😊
vanessa Wilton/ ash(fl)
thank God its finish
Adam (ash PA and friend)
let's go🤭
vanessa Wilton/ ash(fl)
they both got off from their work and headed towards her home Adam tag along with her also
when she reached at her home she saw her whole family and friends was sitting together chatting happily....
father and Grandpa was playing chess while mom was busy in kitchen making dinner for everyone...
and grandma was playing with Issac....
brother and cousin were talking about some business...
Adam come after parking his car while she was busy with sacking her surroundings.....he see her standing there in puzzle....
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