Jerry (james)
His name is jerry...he died in car crash and now james's will be controlling his body
Jerry always like to be alone, he never talks about his feelings infront of anyone and his family members never seen him smiling or crying. He was home schooled.
So james is recarnated as Jerry
Jerry's family is hella rich, they owned 5 companies
his parents and brothers are too possesive for him
they always cared about him but he's not allowed to go out alone because his one brother is in mafia and they're afraid if their precious son/brother will get hurt
but he's allowed to go out with one of his brother or parents
but this time he escaped from his mansion without taking any permission from his family members....
I'm so sorry, I know it's confusing. to be honest I think I should end this story but 😂 but you guys don't want james to die, so bear with me please
thank you for the support and love
feel free to ask me anything 😄❤
shout out to Killa Zoldic😄❤ thankyou
love love ❤
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