Yue works as a fashion designer in there company
while jian becomes the head of the jung family business
jian's parents just want to travel abroad and make memories together
that is why they left all the responsibility to jian
jian is well known in the capital for being a bachelor alpha
yet still no one catches his attention
since jian was young, all the things he wants
he can get it
meanwhile yue is a kind and a calm person with an extraordinary beauty
one time
on a fashion show charity event that was hosted by the zhang family group
jian was invited
after the event
the emcee called the designer of the clothes
yue came out of the cat walk and walk in front of the stage
(staring at yue as yue walks on the catway)
(everything that is around him seems like in a slowmo)
in jian's eyes
yue is so dazzling and beautiful that he want yue to be only seen by him
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