morning comes
after yue and yena ate breakfast yue sends yena to her work and yue will drive to there company
at the company
Y assistant
Y assistant
another box of package for you
put it there
after that yue opens the box of package again
note: just like this flower.. i want to put you inside a place that i can only see.. J
(sudden chill as he reads the note)
yue picks the package and throws it on the trash bin
this kind of present continue but yue doesn't look at it again and he instructed his asisstant to throw it when he recieves it
jian becomes mad by yue's action
thus the last day of work week come
jian sends lots of package to yue with a note saying...
note: trying to avoid me? throw what i gave you? J
while reading the notes that was inside each package
yue is feeling scared
who is this person
is he crazy?
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