yue realise that he was staring at jian
yue's face suddenly turned red
that makes jian want to tease yue more
in jian's mind
how come this calm person have such a cute expression that makes him more adorable in jian's eyes
after eating
jian went on the study to deal with some business
while yue stays in the living room and get his ipad to draw some draft for his design
at the same time
yue recieve a message from an unknown number
message: want me to help you escape? there is a way..
yue muttered in himself
is this a joke or what
(shake his head and ignored the message)
when another message came from the same sender
message: i know you want to escape from jian jung, i can help you and be re united by your lover
that message startled yue and makes him think for a second
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