yue replied to the message
message: how?
as erika recieve the message
she was filled with joy
i guess he really wants to escape from brother jian
as i expected
he was not worthy to be by brother jian's side
shall i help him escape?
if i do that brother jian will be mine
erika thinks about how jian will scold at her that makes her turned on
erika lick her lips just imagining this things
erika replied to the message
message: i can arrange for you to leave and your little lover to a place were jian jung can't find you
as yue reads the message his heart fell so much joy
little did he know
that inside the study jian is watching him as he exchange message to someone and jian also saw yue's changing expression that makes him go crazy
who is the b*st*rd that he is communicating with
as he speak this word cletching his hand
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