let me see what you can do
jian is still watching yue and ericka exchanging message with a dark expression
ericka message yue
message: if you want, i know jian jung's schedule. I can help you escape this week
jian jung will be having a 3 days business trip in j city, i can arrange you to leave without going to the airport
then yue replied
message: really? is this a trap or what?
ericka chuckled as she read the reply of yue
ericka then replied: how can it be trap? i'am helping you escape, isn't it what you like?
yue replied: yes but how?
ericka replied: easy, i can arrange a boat for you and create a fake identity for you to pass the boarder and after that you can board to another boat to go to c city and get your little lover and go to other place and live happily
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