present time
ericka send a new instruction to the contact person
message: schedule change, it will be 1 day from today, same place
then ericka send a message to yue
ericka message: i will send you, your fake identity and you will head in xxx pier 1 day from now, sice jian jung's schedule has changed
yue saw the message and replied
yue message: i got it
jian send his asisstant to help his dad in j city
while jian's dad send someone to assist jian
jian saw the message that yue and ericka has exchange this morning
let me see how can you help her escape from me
jian discovered something about ericka as he check erickas burned phone
he saw ericka's wild hobby that jian is planning to expose in a short while
you really dared to go against me, ericka kim
let us see
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