after work
yue leaves the package in his office to avoid jian seeing it
jian fetch yue and they go back home together
yue and jian arrives at there house
jian went on his study to give some instruction to his asisstant
and also give instruction to the person his father send to him
conference call
you will assist my father in this three days
and also have you investigated about the company were going to do a business?
J assistant
yes sir
J assistant
the company is well known in manufacturing of raw materials in j city
any loop holes
J assistant
none as of the moment
jian's dad
jian's dad
my asisstant will be there tomorrow to asisst you
thanks dad
the three of them discuss about the business matter
and after sometime
they finished that is nedded to be explained
jian went to change clothes
after sometime
yue and jian eat quietly
yue and jian went on there own room to have a rest
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