erika prepares everything and even bribe a waiter inside the hotel room to bring a drink to the room were jian is supposed to be
little did she know that all her plan was seen by jian and was also prepared everything for erika
erika knew the schedule of jian
because she planted someone on jian's side
jian also found that person that erika planted beside him and jian practically uses that person to covey the message he want to send to erika
that is the reason why erika got a detailed schedule of jian, because jian lay the trap for her
erika know that jian has no schedule this noon so she said the send the drink on the other room and she will sneak inside the room and do her purpose
as the waiter deliver the drink
erika sneak inside and wait for the medicine to take effect
but as soon she went inside
someone knocks her and erika fainted
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