people around chatter and whisper about erika w: so the news about ms. erika's bad hobby is teue w2: how can a lady from a noble family have such thing
yue look down on erika as he gave erika a disgusting look
yena witness all of this, she trembles as she saw the eyes of yue. Yena know that yue have a warm gaze but how come it change into that emotionless gaze
are you done, miss?
are you here to ruin our party or your reputation?
what about me?
erika is still furious and wanted to slap yue but yue dodge that makes erika fall on the ground
erika walked out of the room, her face is red as she run fast
all of the scene were recorded by the media who is present in the event
jian then gave the signal to the MC to start the party
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