after sometime
a waiter bumps into yena 'accidentally'
sorry, mam
i didn't mean to bump into you...
what the hell are you doing? look at my clothes!!!
people then look at the voice who just shouted
yena is standing as she scolding the waiter
when people saw her
whispers and chatters are everywhere: w: look at that girl, isn't it she the third in young master jung and young master zhang relationship? w2: yeah, i saw her on the news, what is she doing here w: maybe she will try to stop the engagement
yena heard everything and she feel so annoyed
who is the third party?
i meet yue before young master jung did
i'm pregnant with yue's baby
yue is just watching on the side
when he suddenly walks near yena with a fake concern face
jian is watching him on the side with an amused expression
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