jian and yue arrives at the place on the seaside
the sun is setting down as they arrive at the place
honey where here
jian then removes the blindfold of yue
yue's eye widen as he saw what jian prepares for him
yue's eye is in tears due to an unexplainable feelings
when suddenly jian knelts in front of him
yue zhang
will you marry me?
yue is in shocked but still manage to answer jian
i will marry you, jian jung
jian then stands up and put the ring on yue's finger
jian then hugs yue
thank you for accepting me, honey
jian then give a peck on yue's lip
jian then held yue
jian pull the chair for yue
let's have a dinner, honey
the two of them eat happily as the sun set on there background
it was like a beautiful scene
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